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               i don’t like this place.
                              let’s go. 

         ❝ anything in particular you want
            to do on this fine —-. 

                      (uh, what day is it again?)

         ❝ d—ay? 

“You’re trying to drive me crazy, aren’t you?”

send me things !


                 what? no. no, of course not! what could
                    possibly have inspired you to say such a thing? 

                  there’s a pause. when he speaks up again, it’s a whisper.

                 maybe just — a little. 

                  (and if you squint, you might just catch the smile
                   that tugs at his lips.)

“I’ve been kind of looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you so don’t do anything stupid.”

send me things !


             there’s a smile (slight, unnoticeable even) that graces the doctor’s lips & only lasts a mere few seconds. you see, the renegade, upon hearing these words exit the lips of one bonnie bennett, feels an astounding lack of guilt. the pang in his heart that he’d been awaiting for oh-so-long decided not to pay a visit this time around. 

                          in the place of remorse & shame, a sense of exhilaration runs through him, trampling any doubt that had been piling up within his veins. despite bonnie’s seemingly thoughtless spell to tie herself to him, the time lord can’t shake the anticipation of what could possibly be in store for them ; of what’s to come.

             there are some things in this world that the doctor can’t change no matter how much he tries and this tie to him that she has created is just one of the things on that growing list.


                          — well, i’m not going to make any promises,
                                                 but i’ll try my best. ❞


             this, i think, is the closest he’s gonna get to acceptance.



     ”What.” She does so, a little reluctantly. 
     ”Why couldn’t you do it.”

        ❝ just — play along.
           i promise, it’ll all
           be worth it ! ❞

              Like for a short thing?
                  I’m desperately chasing
                  after my muse for this nerd.

         I was made for    w  a  r   —
         I was built for everyone who
         lacks the means to  s c r e a m.

                                     Beaten and broken, I will prevail.

               I have  ( F E A R )  in one hand and fire in the other.
                   I’ll end this terror that you’ve started.

                                               Sever the rope that holds my anchor ;;
                                                                  I’ll watch as you sink.


            ❝ really quick ——
                  could you just put your hand
                  on that window over there? i
                  need to check something. ❞